About us

The Inspector General's mandate

The Inspector General serves the public interest by promoting accountability in the policing sector, operating at arm’s length from the government.

We provide regulatory oversight to ensure compliance with the Community Safety and Policing Act and its regulations.

Two police officers walking down a hallway.

Our vision

We want every person in Ontario to feel safe in their community, and to have confidence in their police service.

This means that police services support and reflect the diversity of the people they serve, that they are responsive to the unique needs of each community, and that they deliver services in a fair, equitable and effective way.
  • Our commitment

    We are committed to serving the public interest by taking a fair approach, prioritizing transparency and accountability, using data intelligence to promote continuous improvement, and valuing diversity.
  • Transparency and accountability

    We are guided by the principles of transparency and accountability. We share the results of our work on our website, including our inspections and any resulting directions or enforcement measures, as well as our annual report.
  • Operational independence

    We operate at arm’s length from Ontario’s Ministry of the Solicitor General. The Inspector General’s legislated duties and authorities, including any decisions and recommendations, are issued independently, as required by law.

Ryan Teschner

Inspector General

FR Inspector General of Policing, Ryan Teschner, standing at a podium.

The public has every interest in police services, police service boards, and other policing organizations succeeding in their important goal of keeping everyone safe. We ask the questions the public deserves to have answered, apply our expertise to the evidence, and, where necessary, take measures to improve Ontario’s public safety system.​

FR Inspector General of Policing, Ryan Teschner, standing at a podium.